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DID YOU KNOW that last year Chabad's network of nutrition programs in Israel and the Former Soviet Union served over 1 million meals, and that each and every meal was served with respect and esteem for the recipient?

To provide food for the hungry in a dignified manner, Chabad-Lubavitch offers full meals in comfortable restaurant settings, and manages trained volunteers to serve visitors and stock the provisions.  Chabad organizes caring volunteers to distribute hot, tasty meals to the homebound elderly where they can also check to make sure the residents are satisfactory and receiving proper medical care 365 days a year.

Chabad's nutrition programs have been operating in Israel longer than any other social service organization and reach more recipients than any other program of its kind.  Chabad provides for Jewish needy regardless of age, gender, degree of observance or affiliation. For the hungry of all ages, the food represents survival; however for the homebound elderly, the visit nourishes not only the body, but the soul as well.

In poverty-stricken stricken homes, food is a valuable resource which is divided among the adults and small school children alike.  Serving hot lunches children enrolled in Chabad schools ensures that no child will be malnourished, and that they will receive proper nutrition to develop physically and be able to concentrate on their studies, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Chabad's nutrition programs provide:

  • 2750 meals served daily with dignity and respect in a restaurant atmosphere with full service
  • A kosher balanced meal includes hot soup and entre, vegetable, bread and a cold drink
  • Hot lunches for 14,500 school children, often the only food they will eat that day

During the holidays, spirituality is secondary when stomachs ache with hunger and parents can not bestow shoes to their children. Chabad enables indigent families to celebrate with the basic necessities such as food and clothing, and gifts for children.


BY DONATING NOW, you will partner with Chabad-Lubavitch in demonstrating respect for the elderly, nourishment for growing children, and sense of dignity to the impoverished.

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Also in Social & Humanitarian


Chabad-Lubavitch provides comfort to Jewish officers, soldiers and their families stationed throughout the world and a means to maintain a spiritual connection to Judaism.

Correctional Institutions

Chabad-Lubavitch has created a host of programs for prisoners facing the unique challenge of retaining their Jewish identity, and for their families facing poverty while they serve time.

Substance Abuse

Though non-sectarian, the Chabad Drug Rehabilitation program derives its framework of values from traditional Jewish teachings, offers a 12 step clinical recovery program and daily therapy.

Disaster Relief

With a global structure of emissaries throughout the world, Chabad-Lubavitch is one of the first to lend crisis support to devastated communities regardless of the race, religion or nationality.

Terror Relief

On 9/11, while the skies over New York, Washington and Pennsylvania were darkened, Chabad-Lubavitch was hard at work organizing relief centers for thousands of stranded passengers.

Foster Care

Responding to tragedy and need, Chabad-Lubavitch has built and runs 12 children's homes currently providing a safe environment for thousands of precious children in the Former Soviet Union.

Special Needs Children

Chabad's acclaimed special needs programs assist families who have children with special needs and involves them in a full range of social and Judaic experiences.