Packing Purim Parties

Packing Purim Parties

Purim in Morocco with Chabad of Aventura, Florida.

by Esther Mordechai

March 4, 2015

Today we fast, tomorrow we feast. 

With every approaching Jewish holiday writers will offer this article and that about why the one coming up sets it apart from all the others. And that’s all true. But Purim? Purim is really different. 

For starters, it’s the only one-day holiday on the Jewish calendar. You don’t get 8 days, like you do Chanukah or Passover or Sukkot to get it right. You don’t even get two days, like with Shavuot or Rosh Hashana. Okay, you do get the day before Purim . . . but that’s a fast day, important of course, not anyone’s idea of a fun day. 

Nope, Purim is a one-day-deal. You get one day to pack it in, shalach manot and all. To make the most of it, some people spend days preparing. In Israel, Purim makes its presence felt as much as several weeks before the holiday. If you haven't yet, use what's left of today to prepare for tomorrow: There’s a megillah to unravel, masquerades to decipher and masks to make sense of; planning parties with family, friends, maybe even foes.

At least you'll come into Purim knowing the whole megillah: why you get this one day on the calendar when making merry is a mitzvah, and why you score points for eating and drinking to your heart’s content (with some caveats), until you won't know who is who and you can't tell the good guys and the bad guys apart. Sort of.  

Done right, there’ll be lots to unpack the day after. So get into the groove. Spend some time today to explore the megillah and line up your questions. Check out these posters by Chabad centers and choose your party—some are formal, some are raucous. Some are traditional and some are post-post modern. Some for kids and some for adults, and some where you won't know the difference . . .  All are inviting and kosher. Contact your local Chabad center to find the nearest Purim party near you. 

Purim in the Deep Blue Sea with Chabad of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Purim in the U.S.A. with Chabad of Berlin, Germany:

Purim in the 60's with Chabad of Markham, ON, Canada:

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