Door-to-Door Mezuzah Service

by Dovid Zaklikowski - Kfar Chabad, Israel

September 15, 2014

Check your “Jewish door bell!” That’s the message on Israel radio and bus ads from Chabad in Israel. While most homes in Israel have a mezuzah, many people don’t know that they need to be checked for imperfections at certain intervals. The parchment scroll, inscribed by an expert scribe, could fall into disrepair.

So in a tradition encouraged by the Rebbe, mezuzahs are typically examined once a year, usually before the High Holidays. Chabad in Israel setup a call center to answer calls of those who would like to have their mezuzahs examined by a sofer. When a call is received, they’ll get door-to-door mezuzah service. Literally. Someone will come take the mezuzah, have it checked, and then reaffix it to the doorpost. It doesn’t get easier than that. 

Contact your local Chabad center to have your Mezuzah's examined see the Chabad Locator

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