Shareholders at Berkshire Hathaway Meeting Do Shabbos With Chabad

Shareholders at Berkshire Hathaway Meeting Do Shabbos With Chabad

Chabad's Rabbi Levi Wolvovsky with Bill Gates at Berkshire Hathaway's meeting

Omaha, Nebraska

May 18, 2008

( It’s the largest business meeting in the world, with no less than 31,000 shareholders who participated at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting in Omaha, earlier this month.

What number of them is Jewish is anyone’s guess, but, says Rabbi Mendel Katzman, Chabad rep to Omaha, he’d been fielding calls and emails from Jewish people coming from as far away as Melbourne, Australia to the meeting.

“With this year’s meeting scheduled for Saturday, many Jews were concerned about having a place to observe Shabbos,” says Katzman.

Importing three rabbinical students from Lubavitch Headquarters, Katzman set up a beautiful Shabbat dinner at the local Hampton Inn, where shareholders made kiddush, dined at a traditional Shabbos table, and enjoyed a spiritual break from business.

During the course of the three-day meeting, many took advantage of Chabad’s mobile Kosher Concierge, which made its way up to Bodenheim’s and down to the Qwest Center. Hundreds steped in to chat, wrap tefillin, and take a bite of kosher food.

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