No Hebrew School? On Getting Children To Care About Judaism

No Hebrew School? On Getting Children To Care About Judaism

I am not sure that my children knowing about Jewish ritual, history and lore will make them better people, and yet a part of me feels they should have it in their lives. How can I make it relevant to them? The Torah begins with the creation story, and it is really a story lived by every human being, every day.

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Washing Cars For Charity

Instead of spending their summer break traveling, relaxing, or taking a seasonal job, the teens at Chabad of Orange County’s CTeen are using their free time to give back. In tribute to Adi Wolff, a friend and active member of their CTeen chapter who tragically passed away earlier this year at the age of 14, teens in the area took time off from their vacations for a week of community service.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Tuesday, July 17

FIFA Fans Score Shabbat at Chabad

As players and fans gear up for the FIFA World Cup Finals to be held this weekend, Chabad centers around the host country are making their own preparations.

Ashira Weiss | News | Friday, July 13

Chabad Women Talk About Life in Their New Digs

The story of four Chabad women who land in four new places. Is "culture shock" the right word?

Dvora Lakein | News | Friday, July 13

Chabad Female Composer Aims For the Heights

“If words are the pen of the heart,” wrote Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Chabad Rebbe, “then music is the pen of the soul.” Though Sarah Dukes' music has played all over the world, and has even made it to the first-round ballot of the GRAMMYs, Sarah views her music from a Chassidic perspective, with the belief that it can make a positive impact on the world.

Mushkie Engel | News | Wednesday, July 11

Chabad on Call

Among the many resources Chabad on Call offered at the event—like specialty prayer pamphlets, psalms booklets and meaningful cards—a new cultural sensitivity course was introduced. Designed for rabbis to present to local medical staff, the course covers key topics like kosher and Shabbat restrictions or the Torah's view on end-of-life.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Monday, July 9

Hikers go the Extra Mile for Kids with Special Needs

Upwards of five million people visit the Grand Canyon each year, but at least one group came for more than just the scenery. Earlier this month, thirty-six women took time away from work and family commitments for a three-day hike to raise funds for Friendship Circle.

Ashira Weiss | News | Wednesday, July 4

Getting Ready for Shabbat On Tel Aviv's Sunny Beaches

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